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Enroute Visual Effect Breakdown

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Here is the breakdown for “Enroute”, a student film I worked on.

Enroute won 5 awards in the SCADemy awards at Savannah College of Art and Design.

• Best Cinematography
• Best Editing
• Best Production Design
• Best Graduate Film
• Best Visual Effects

Thanks Sandro Blattner put this together and thanks all the great work the visual effects crew have done.

En Route – VFX Technical Breakdown from Sandro Blattner on Vimeo.

Back from Digital Domain

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Just got back from Digital Domain internship.

The 3 months internship was awesome and I learned a lot. I got involved a lot of stuff and met so many awesome people that make things happen. I really appreciate the experience.

Basically I worked on one shot in Tron 2.

Wrote and maintained several pipe line shelf buttons(with python) to help lighters in my sequence.

Created and maintained the render template for my sequence (100+ shots)

Got into some Maya API stuff, and I will continue working on it this quarter.

Worked on some look dev for my sequence.

Thanks to all the DD folks!

Preparing for Siggraph

Friday, July 31st, 2009

I updated my demo reel a little bit, and kicked out some old stuff out of my reel.

Since I used the accumulated displacement technique in my recent centipede shot 02, I could remove this one below from my reel:

accumulated displacement

Hope I could get some good feedback  at Siggraph..

currently editing the blog pages, sorry for the viewing problem

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

I’m switching the blog theme from the defult to a theme that has my design…. To finish this I have to deal with PHP stuff which is not a enjoyable thing for me right now. But anyway, have something to learn is alwasys good.

Sorry for the mess going on in my blog now, this may last for a little while.


Spring 09, my first website

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

I finally had my website… Cheers for all the awesome people at Monty..