A little script to generate a nautilus

To help my friend to generate a nautilus shell model, I’ve tried to write a script to model it.

And I found the math referrence here

screenshot of generated model

screenshot of generated model

According to the math, the shape of the nautilus majorly depends on two constant value a and b

and the the corresponding pymel codes are:

r = a*exp(radians(Delta_angle*n)*cot(b))
x = r*cos(radians(Delta_angle*n))
if(n ==0):
y = 0
y = 10*(rBefore -r)
z = r*sin(radians(Delta_angle*n))

Then the rest are just create circle based on the calculated point positions, then do a loft

What’s funny was before I finish this script my friend had already done his model by hand….

At least is was fun though.

And two days after this, Sandro asked me how to write a spiral ST coloration in RSL,

showed him the algorithm in 5 minutes, happy coincidence.

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